Posted on: September 16, 2008 8:44 am

Cowboys vs. Eagles Grades





T. Romo- B-  He played steady football but had a couple hiccups along the way. The Fumble for the TD and interception  really hurts his grade.


D. Mcnabb- B+  Resembled the Donovan of old. He was hard to take down, creative in the pocket, and accurate.  Couldn’t give him an A with the two fumbles.


Running Back

M. Barber- A   A receiving TD and rushing TD along with over 100 total yards is a solid outing against Philly


B. Westbrook- A+ Almost the exact line a M. Barber except one more in the TD department


Wide Receiver

T. Owens- B+  If you would have asked me his grade in the first half it would have been A+, nut he was nearly non-existent in the 2nd half which lowers him slightly

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D. Jackson- C+  Became the first rookie in over a decade two start his first 2 games with over 100 yds. Receiving, with that being said let’s make sure we get EVERY yard before we celebrate

Tight Ends

J. Witten- A   Just another solid outing from Witten

L.J. Smith- F  I don’t believe he showed up until late in the 4th

Offensive Line

Dallas- B  Did not allow a sack but Barber struggled for yards

Philadelphia- C  Allowed 4 sacks and Westbrook also struggled for yards

Defense/Special Teams

Dallas- B-  4 sacks, 1FR, kick return for TD but still allowed 30 pts.

Philadelphia- C-  INT, 1FR for TD still allowed 41 pts.


Dallas- B+

Philadelphia- B

Was an all out offensive showdown and a great way to celebrate the final Monday Night Football game from Texas Stadium.

*Colors represent teams with the advantage in each department graded*<o:p></o:p>


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