Posted on: October 13, 2008 9:26 am

Ravens Week 6 RECAP & Week 7 PREVIEW

This may be a little off subject but I feel the need to thank the Washington Redskins for losing $1000.00 for me. Way to come through!


Now that I got that out of the way lets get on to the game (or lack there of). So much for the Colt's defense not showing up. I think it was easy for everyone who watched to see that the Colt's controlled every aspect of the game. They were throwing at will, controlling the clock, and forcing turnovers. Flacco was responsible for most of the turnovers finishing the game with 3INT and 2 fumbles.Through five games Flacco has 2TD's and 8 TO. I have giving the benefit of the doubt to Flacco for the last couple of weeks and will continue to do so as long as he seems to be improving on a weekly basis. I believe the fault lies mostly with the atrocious play of the Offensive Line and questionable at best play-calling by Cam Cameron. The Ravens were getting beat down in the first half and what does Cam do offensively? He runs plays as if he is up by 10 with 3 minutes left in the game trying kill the clock.When your down by three scores late in the 3rd you don't continue to run the ball and use dump passes, let your quarterback air it out! The longest Ravens play (54 yd pass to Mason) came in the 4th quarter! All-Pro lineman Willie Anderson took over where Adam Terry left off by allowing the pass rush to get to Flacco almost all day. This has been the story of Flacco's rookie year thus far. Set, Hike, okay there 5 guy rushing me, coach says don't take the sack, running around like a mad man now, roll right, I CANT SEE DOWNFIELD!, INTERCEPTION! In turn, when Flacco did have some time he held onto the ball far to long. Oh, and another thing, was there ANYONE covering a Colt receiver? Marvin Harrison had his best game in over a year at the hands of what is supposedly the best defense in the league. I guess they really missed Fabian.

Ok, let me gain my composure. They were some bright spots through all of the idiocies. Flacco had over 60% completion percentage again this season. The defense still hasn't allowed a 100 yd rusher. The defense looked a whole lot better in the second half only allowing one TD. Ray Rice looked to be the best offensive player for the Ravens. He finished with 87 total yds (23 rush, 64 pass).


This week the Ravens (2-3) head into Miami (2-3) to take on the surging Dolphins. Miami comes in determined after a heart breaking loss in the final seconds to the Houston Texans. With Ronnie Brown back to original form the Dolphins pose a much greater threat then many thought at the beginning of the season. Pennington has taking command of this offense and looks to bring his team back to .500. After an embarrassing lose at the hand of the Colt's we need to come out clicking on all cylinders. I think its clear to everyone what Miami likes to do on Offense. The Ravens must stay at home and not bite on the fakes. This Dolphin defense has been decent to say the least the last couple of weeks against some of the more potent offenses in the league. Cam Cameron MUST open the playbook and allow Flacco to air it out in this game. The only way they will establish there rushing offense is to establish some kind of passing offense.

Key Matchup: Ravens Linebackers vs. Miami Rushing Attack and TE's- We all know the main passing threats in the Miami offense are their TE's. Scott, Suggs, and Lewis will have the challenge of trying to lock up the Miami TE's and RB's. It wont be easy.

Key Player(s): Offensive Line- THEY must give Flacco some time and in turn he must get the ball out quicker.

Prediction: Dolphins 20 - Ravens 17

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